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SJSU Ranked Among Best Investments

SJSU Ranked Among Best Colleges

There are lots of ways to measure the value a college education. But in terms of relatively low tuition and high starting salaries, it’s tough to beat San Jose State, especially in California.

We all know going to college is expensive. But is it worth it? Check this out. According to a new study, San Jose State ranks among the 50 best college investments in terms of low tuition and high starting salaries. AffordableCollegesOnline.org “reviewed 875 colleges to compile a list of the 50 schools that are both affordable and provide students with the best bang for their buck after graduation. The return on college investment comes in the form of higher salaries throughout the careers of graduates from these colleges.” San Jose State came in third among California institutions and 31st out of the 875 campuses included in the rankings. And SJSU is in great company. Others in the top 50 included the University of Virginia, University of Washington and Texas A&M.