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Spartan Staffs PBS NewsHour “Inaug Blog”

Spartan Staffs PBS News Hour "Inaug Blog"

“Just two days before the 57th Inauguration, the line for Ben’s Chili Bowl in the U Street Corridor of Washington, D.C. already stretches down the alleyway during the lunchtime rush,” reads the caption on this photo from PBS News Hour’s “Inaug Blog” (photo by SJSU journalism major James Tensuan).

When PBS NewsHour turned to student journalists to run its multimedia “Inaug Blog,” journalism major James Tensuan applied. It came as no surprise to everyone who knows his work as a former SJSU photo assistant and Spartan Daily staff member that he not only won one of just 14 spots on the team, but he went on to turn in some of the most compelling inauguration photos by anyone. The NewsHour group included writers, photographers, videographers, designers and social media mavens. Tensuan’s photo essay from legendary Washington D.C. eatery Ben’s Chili Bowl captures the occasion from a telling angle. Check out President Obama’s inauguration through Tensuan’s lens. View a video about the project (Tensuan appears at the two-minute mark).