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Assistant Professor Receives Guggenheim

Assistant Professor Receives Guggenheim

Assistant Professor Danielle Harris

Assistant Professor of Justice Studies Danielle Harris has received a $36,000 research grant from The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation for a project exploring desistance from sexual offending (meaning no longer committing sexual offenses) in a sample of 100 men released from custody through a Massachusetts program from 1974 through 1991.

“Professor Harris’ work … is a powerful example of the important research being conducted in the justice studies department at SJSU; research that not only moves forward theory and practice, but that also has real relevance to marginalized communities and that helps in our collective efforts to achieve social justice through scholarship,” according to the CASA Blog.

In addition to her research, Harris is actively involved in the SJSU Record Clearance Project. Her research interests include many aspects of sexual offending: specialization and versatility; the criminal career paradigm; desistance; female sexual offending; and related public policy. She is the director of research for the Art of Yoga Project, a nonprofit organization that provides a yoga and creative arts curriculum to girls in custody. Learn more from the CASA Blog.