Muhammad, Darryl (Distribution and Asset Svcs) is Stepping Beyond

“I am always pleased with the excellent service that Darryl has provided us during the last several months. He is always very professional and takes pride in his work. I appreciate how he always accommodates our last minute deliveries. Last week Darryl made three trips in one day to Sweeney Hall to make deliveries and to pick up packages.” –Maria Munoz

Kratochvil, Kathie Dr. (Film and Theatre) is Stepping Beyond

“Dr. Kratochvil mentored faculty who had never used Canvas during the Spring move online. She worked over the summer to get myself and at least 2 other faculty ready for Fall by literally setting up the Canvas module structure and helping us understand how to fill in our own content in a step by step and one to one process. As a theatre faculty member she had a comprehension of what the difficulties were for those of us teaching hands on arts based courses. Her training over the past 10 years in online learning and her understanding of theatre artists and how we work made her the ideal person to bring us into a better understanding and capability in working within the confines of Canvas. Most importantly she continued her support while she and her family were evacuated during the fires and waiting(as many faculty, staff, students did) to see if she even had a home to return to. She is an asset to the University, our department, faculty, students and an inspiration to me as an instructor of what teaching really means.” –Cassandra Carpenter

Rivas, Mario (Desktop Support) is Stepping Beyond

“Whenever I’m in trouble, Super Mario is always there to help. Mario is great at saving the day for many of the Finance employees. He is always happy and quick to assist us. He is constantly making everyone’s life easier by fixing any issues that occur. SJSU is very lucky to have Mario.” –Thao Leung

“Mario Rivas has been exceptionally helpful during the purchase and implementation of a new tracking system, especially creative in coming up with ways for me to use the system. I have been incredibly responsive to questions and “how do I” requests. In addition to being helpful, creative and responsive, Mario carries with him a bundle of “Yes, I can do that” and “Wouldn’t it be more helpful if you…” energy, along with suggestions and ideas to make work that much easier/efficient. He does it with a smile no matter how busy he is and I appreciate that tremendously!” –Sonja Bowsky

Ordinario, Neil (University Library) is Stepping Beyond

“Neil has continued to go on campus throughout the stay-at-home order, while others have worked virtually, in order to support the library’s IT infrastructure, make sure all our employees have the technology they need, and to perform our critical physical back-ups. Neil’s work has allowed the library to continue serving all the SJSU community virtually even while our building is shutdown. Neil does this while also serving as the chair of the library’s Professional Development Committee, from which Neil supports the library’s anti-racism efforts and helps colleagues with their health and wellness. Thanks so much to Neil for this dedication to serving students and caring attitude toward co-workers.” –Christina Mune