Ferguson, Jason (Desktop Support) is Stepping Beyond

“When others ran away. Jason ran towards it. He continues to be on campus in the trenches making sure our infrastructure is running, so others can work from home. He shows up daily and makes sure all is running okay, so others do not have to. This is the purest definition of stepping beyond. It is my honor to nominate him.” –Anonymous

Etherington, Josh (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Josh is a great addition to UP! He is always ready to help with all matters related to FMLA and Workers’ Compensation, and always provides quick, accurate and helpful information in a timely fashion. Recently I lost access to a very important portal due to a misunderstanding on the part of a 3rd party service provider. I mentioned it to Josh, and he immediately submitted a request to reinstate my access and permissions. University Personnel is already a well oiled machine, and their success will be continued thanks to the professionalism and care from their new team member!” –Anonymous

Von Till, Beth (Communication Studies) is Stepping Beyond

Beth is such a great Spartan! In particular, she supports our men and women athletes by being positive and “showing up” for them. In addition, she coordinates the annual “Division Challenge’ which in conjunction with a women’s basketball game. My student-athletes and coaches appreciate her support, no matter if we’re winning or losing. Her husband, Steve, is a terrific Spartan, too! I just wanted to say “thanks” for Stepping Beyond. Go Spartans!” –Marie Tuite

Bonakdar, Sara (Procurement) is Stepping Beyond

Last week we have a football contract that needed to be executed immediately, due to media attention. It required Sara to review the contract while she was home one evening. And, she had to review it early the next day. But, it’s not only this example….she’s such a great Spartan….always willing to help. We appreciate her very much.” –Marie Tuite