Team Member Spotlight – Prabhpreet Singh

Prabhpreet Singh
Software Engineer
Expected Graduation December 2018
Project Software Designer
I was brought up in Punjab, India for my first decade of lifetime. As growing up I always had a passion for technology and art. With these two passions I was able to create some very unique projects throughout my lifetime. My first project was a waterboat made with paper which was powered by a small electric fan. I also have a great passion for photography and video making. Combining both of these skills allowed to learn much more about computers and how technology works.
I joined EPICS mainly because it was a requirement for my technical elective. But after choosing this project I could see how important this project could be for the homeless people. I always believed that everyone has the ability to help the needy. From this project I get inspiration to help people with a secure place to keep their belongings.
In the future, I would like to continue building for the better of this society. I would like to find a job in the front end development of softwares and create easy and meaningful softwares.