Smart Locker UI and Electronics Locks

The software side of the project is close to completion. The user mobile interface design that will be used for the lockers has been completed. There is minor software issues that still need to be resolved before it is transferred to the TI platform. The back-end software development has been completed and it will be tested once the interface design is on the TI platform. The picture below shows the user interface design.

The software team also managed to figure out how to properly connect a solenoid lock to the CC3220SF microcontroller and issue commands to it such as unlocking for a set time period then locking again. The team still needs to figure out how to add more than one lock to the microcontroller and develop an algorithm. There will be more updates in a later blog. The picture below show our current algorithm design.

Happy Holidays and Smart Locker UI

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas it just around the corner. With the year coming to an end, the Smart Locker team would like to remind everyone to stay warm, hydrated, a wish everyone a happy 2019.

Below is a draft of the Front-end UI flow chart on what we expect the screen will show for the advance locker system.  Our team software engineer will be using Adobe XD to create the UI. The backend will be running on a Raspberry PI with a touch screen as interface.

A mock up of what main screen can be seen below.  The UI will be touch screen so anyone that has experience touch screen smartphone will have a easy time navigating the menus.  

Our software and computer engineer are still working out the bugs of the system.  More to come.