SmartLockers Complete Assembly

After much work, the parts have been assembled and the SmartLocker is complete. There are a few QA points that need to be looked over and additional testing to be done. Once all those are complete, the team is planning to schedule a time to deploy the system to the Gilroy Compassion Center.

Each locker has a power outlets and USB charger.  All the units are set on top of a wood platform.

The units are riveted together

The lockers will run through a tip over test to see how much force is need to tip over the system as well as a heat test. The plan is to also brace the locker to the wall to avoid the system from falling over in an earthquake.

Project Update

Initially, combining the two distinct needs of the Gilroy Compassion Center and AtHack Inc was a glaring setback for the team. We have found a solution by working on two separate but related deliverables for each community partner: new working lockers for the GCC and a more complex smart locker system design for AtHack. Acknowledging the lack of tech support the GCC has had with their smart lockers, we are planning on creating easy to use mechanical lockers with charging ports inside. The lockers are set to be modular in design so there will be a level of customizability with the size and shape of locker doors. The GCC locker designs will serve as a starting point and will be updated with more features for the AtHack design.

Currently, two locker designs have been drafted in SOLIDWORKS incorporating the Ikea inspired idea, one shown below.

We are also considering the concept of an openable frame that opens all lockers at once to act as a master key for all the lockers. The lock design and manufacturing company, Digilock, also provide a possible solution to a smart mechanical lock. The product we are considering offers a fair amount of security with its mechanical user set combination and master key override.

Digilock’s mechanical locker lock
Find more information here:

On, Friday, October 12, we met with technical advisor Dr. Rhee to discuss the potential problems with the designs. She has given us valuable insight on subjects to analyze with the proposed locker such as the heat generated from the outlets if all were used at once and a manufacturer-friendly design.


Team Member Spotlight – Sabrina Miller

Sabrina Miller

Mechanical Engineer

Expected Graduation December 2018

Co-Project Manager


I am born and raised here in San Jose, CA. One of my main hobbies is volunteering with dog rescue. I have been a foster and adoption coordinator to help rescue dogs. My other sort of hobby would be music, particularly going to live music. The way music events bring people together but each person has their completely unique experience of the music is just really amazing and I love going to all types of music shows.


I joined EPICS because I liked that I would get to work on a project to directly make an impact. We have a unique opportunity to do something for community good with our design projects which is something I hope to carry over into where I find a job after graduation.


My future plans are to hopefully find a job with a technology company where the work were doing makes an impact for good. There are so many struggles that people in the world currently face could be solved with new technologies. I hope to get to be a part of that.