Team Member Spotlight – Sabrina Miller

Sabrina Miller

Mechanical Engineer

Expected Graduation December 2018

Co-Project Manager


I am born and raised here in San Jose, CA. One of my main hobbies is volunteering with dog rescue. I have been a foster and adoption coordinator to help rescue dogs. My other sort of hobby would be music, particularly going to live music. The way music events bring people together but each person has their completely unique experience of the music is just really amazing and I love going to all types of music shows.


I joined EPICS because I liked that I would get to work on a project to directly make an impact. We have a unique opportunity to do something for community good with our design projects which is something I hope to carry over into where I find a job after graduation.


My future plans are to hopefully find a job with a technology company where the work were doing makes an impact for good. There are so many struggles that people in the world currently face could be solved with new technologies. I hope to get to be a part of that.