Happy Holidays and Smart Locker UI

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas it just around the corner. With the year coming to an end, the Smart Locker team would like to remind everyone to stay warm, hydrated, a wish everyone a happy 2019.

Below is a draft of the Front-end UI flow chart on what we expect the screen will show for the advance locker system.  Our team software engineer will be using Adobe XD to create the UI. The backend will be running on a Raspberry PI with a touch screen as interface.

A mock up of what main screen can be seen below.  The UI will be touch screen so anyone that has experience touch screen smartphone will have a easy time navigating the menus.  

Our software and computer engineer are still working out the bugs of the system.  More to come.

11/11/18 Project Update

After a number of group meetings and the valuable feedback from the design review, the group is working on clearly addressing the modularity of the lockers. It was found after a Monday team meeting and a Wednesday class breakout session, that the idea of modularity was not consistent between team members. The issue was addressed in a discussion and the mechanical team is now drafting methods of attaching the three types of locker door units: the large one door unit fit to hold two full backpacks, the two-door standard locker size, and the slimmer electronics charging lockers. Additional feedback from returning design review guests and former EPICS students helped guide the goal for this task. At least ten different attachment ideas are to be created and examined this week as well as the decision of whether or not the module aspect of this locker project would overcomplicate and set back the deliverables. Already, nine sketches for a module design were sketched during the lecture’s breakaway. The full list of module ideas as well as the team’s thoughts on their applicability will be posted after the group’s next team meeting.

Project Update

Initially, combining the two distinct needs of the Gilroy Compassion Center and AtHack Inc was a glaring setback for the team. We have found a solution by working on two separate but related deliverables for each community partner: new working lockers for the GCC and a more complex smart locker system design for AtHack. Acknowledging the lack of tech support the GCC has had with their smart lockers, we are planning on creating easy to use mechanical lockers with charging ports inside. The lockers are set to be modular in design so there will be a level of customizability with the size and shape of locker doors. The GCC locker designs will serve as a starting point and will be updated with more features for the AtHack design.

Currently, two locker designs have been drafted in SOLIDWORKS incorporating the Ikea inspired idea, one shown below.

We are also considering the concept of an openable frame that opens all lockers at once to act as a master key for all the lockers. The lock design and manufacturing company, Digilock, also provide a possible solution to a smart mechanical lock. The product we are considering offers a fair amount of security with its mechanical user set combination and master key override.

Digilock’s mechanical locker lock
Find more information here: https://digilock.com/locker-locks/mech/

On, Friday, October 12, we met with technical advisor Dr. Rhee to discuss the potential problems with the designs. She has given us valuable insight on subjects to analyze with the proposed locker such as the heat generated from the outlets if all were used at once and a manufacturer-friendly design.


Introducing Smart Lockers 2.0


Smart Lockers 2.0 strives to design and construct smart lockers for our Community Partner, the Gilroy Compassion Center. Our main objective is to improve upon the first design of the locker so it is able to fit the short term and long term needs of both of our community partners. The lockers will not require an attendant to assign lockers and passcodes. Such tasks will be handled by the user through a connected tablet. The insides of the locker will also have power outlets to charge electronic devices while they are securely stored. Ideally, the maintenance of these lockers will be very low while also being secure and reliable.

Our Partners

Our Community partners, AtHack Inc. and Gilroy Compassion Center, have an interest in this project. The GCC was established in 2011 and has been providing help, services, and shelter to homeless people. They treat their people with compassion as they are going through the tough time in their lives. The lockers for the GCC center acknowledge the rising homeless population and the need for impoverished people to store their belongings when searching for jobs and housing. AtHack Inc. is a non-profit corporation that strives to combat modern slavery with technology. They rose to fight traffickers who use technology to exploit others. They want to support initiatives that can further help these programs help victims in shelters get back to a normal life.

Meet our team

Eric Luong

Mechanical Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2019

Co-project manager —Liaison

Sabrina Miller

Mechanical Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2019

Co-project manager — Liaison

Garrett Fonseca

Mechanical Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2019

Mechanical design

Axel Hugo

Computer Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2019

Software design

Daniel Maloney

Mechanical Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2019

Mechanical design

Prabhpreet Singh

Software Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2020

Software design

Irina Gail Tabor

Mechanical Engineering — Expected Graduation date: 2020

Technical writer