3 thoughts on “Girl in Translation

  1. The book is a fairly quick read but it is depressing. It highlights greed, deception and lies. Yes, there is hard work and lovely bond between Mother and daughter but all of their relationships, between the Mother and her Sister and ultimately between the young lover are fraught with mistrust and deception. I do not recommend this as a 1st year read.

  2. Frances Edwards

    I loved Girl in Translation. The protagonist is a positive role model of the immigrant experience – striving against adversity, valuing education, finding success. I think this book is inspiring and reinforces the values of hard work, courage, educational attainment, all while being realistic about the hardships of immigration. Of the three book candidates that I read, I enjoyed this book the most.

    • Cynthia Rostankowski

      Girl in Translation is an engaging story, with the hardships and successes of a life in another country and another set of experiences, but I think it is a story of a determined young woman’s life. Length is right, and it is a compelling read, but a work that is in its own way conventional, and is a treatment of love and work and success and contentment. I think young women would enjoy it more than young men.

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