Student Data Warehouse Monthly Training Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Below is the monthly schedule of our Student Data Warehouse training sessions. These sessions are optional, and will include the same information covered in prior months. However, everyone is welcome to attend multiple sessions, or to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss your specific data needs. If you are interested in attending the training and you have scheduling conflict, please contact me ( schedule a one on one meeting.

Additionally, you may view the recorded Introduction to the Student Data Warehouse training at this link..

Student Data Warehouse Open Lab  Date/Time: TuesdayMay 26 (2:00PM – 3:30 PM); Friday May 29 (10:00 – 11:30 AM)
Location: Online Only (Zoom link)

– This is an open lab session for faculty and staff who have previously used the Student Data Warehouse. At the open lab, you will haven opportunity to run reports for your department or college. If you have never used the Student Data Warehouse or if you are interested in a more structured session going over the basic features, you may want to view the recorded Introduction to theStudent Data Warehouse training, schedule a one on one meeting, or attend the training scheduled for March 23rd.

Introduction to the Student Data Warehouse -Date/Time: Thursday, June 4 (10:30AM – 12:00 PM)
Location:  Online Only (Zoom link)

– This session is for faculty and staff who have not previously attended training or those who would like to review the basic features of the Student Data Warehouse.

A prerecorded video of this training session is available at : Introduction to the Student DataWarehouse

Student Data Warehouse for Intermediate Users Date/Time: Friday,June 12 (10:00AM – 11:30 AM) Location: Online Only (Zoom link)

– This session is for faculty and support staff who have previously attended a Student Data Warehouse training session. We will go into more detail on the data in the individual dashboards and compare similar reports available outside the Student Data Warehouse on the CSU Student Success Dashboard and the SAMI Gateway

About the Student Data Warehouse 

The Student Data Warehouse leverages Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to deliver customized dashboards and reports built with student records data. Combining records from People Soft, the enrollment census, and other sources, the Student Data Warehouse facilitates access to student data for analysis and many college and department operational needs. Listed below are some sample topics the Student Data Warehouse can help you explore:

• What are the enrollment numbers in the individual colleges/departments/courses/sections?
• What are the trends in course fill rates/FTE?
• In which courses have students been more/less successful?
• Which student populations/colleges/departments/majors have higher graduation rates?



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