Scheduled Training for Associate Deans and Department Chairs

A schedule of Student Data Warehouse training sessions for Associate Deans and Department Chairs is listed below.  The training series for Associate Deans and Department Chairs will be split into three sessions offered on multiple dates:

Session 1: Navigating the Student Data Warehouse
Topics covered in session 1 include:

– How to request and gain access to the Student Data Warehouse
– What are some questions that may be addressed using the new dashboards
– How to navigate typical screens including data sorting, filtering, and report customization features
– An overview of the dashboards of most interest to Chairs and Associate Deans
– A preview of sessions 2 and 3.

Schedule: November 8th 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Sweeney Hall 449
November 15th 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Clark Hall 505
Additional sessions in November to be determined


Session 2: Student Success Dashboards

In this session, we will explore the dashboards listed below:

– Student Success
– Course Grade Distribution
– Student Profile
– Graduate Student Tracker

Schedule: TBD

Session 3: Enrollment Planning Dashboards

In this session, we will explore the Enrollment Planning Dashboard and preview the Smart Planner Dashboard.
Schedule: TBD

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