CONGRATULATIONS to the Student Scriptwriting Competition Winners of the Broadcast Education Association Media Festival!

Best of Festival:
Liam Goulding, San Jose State University; Rasputin’s Resurrection (Feature)

Liam Goulding

Liam writes,  “Rasputin’s Resurrection is about the clone of the early 20th Century Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin, who is brought back–along with other significant, and “evil”–historical figures, in an attempt to prove that nuture is stronger than nature.
The obscure, and often misunderstood, Rasputin has always interested me for the sole fact that not much is truly known about him. His history, it seems, has more or less been pieced together by the sordid accounts of those closest to him and those who simply thought he was indeed either a holy man or the antichrist.
Films have been made about Rasputin, yes, but none of them have utilized the potential the Rasputin  “character” would have in a modern setting (or, in this case, a post-modern setting).”

Short Subject
Honorable Mention:
Darren H. Rae, San Jose State University; Park Arcadia


Darren writes, “Shehbaz and I co-wrote this short together. We wanted to write a piece that we would want to make ourselves. We both love films with deep characters, science-fiction, and a sense of magic. The basis of the story came from an idea I have had for many years. We wanted to create a story that both could be visually stunning but take the audience on a roller coaster of emotion taking them on a crazy adventure that ends with a bang. We believe that a film should have an underlaying theme throughout it and for this one it is fate. No matter how powerful someone is or how much they try to run from their past, every action has consequences and sometimes it is best to let things be. Our plans for the future of this script is to take it to its ultimate form and create an amazing short.”

Feature/TV Hour
2nd Place:
 Joshua Klein, San Jose State University; Striker

Feature/TV Hour
3rd Place:  Dan Koskie, San Jose State University; Friend Triangle

Dan comments, “My screenplay, Friend Triangle was inspired by real events in my life that seem like a million years ago, and I was personally inspired to write it by Mr. Barnaby Dallas and his amazing screenwriting class.”

These awards are SUCH A BIG DEAL, that the CSU Chancellor’s office (NOT SJSU Campus, but the leader of the ENTIRE CSU SYSTEM) bought an ad of congratulations to be placed in the BEA Program this year!  VERY EXCITING!

2013 CSU Chancellor’s Office BEA Ad


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