• Remembering 9/11
    Dear campus community, Today is a day when we pause to reflect on the terrible events of September 11, 2001. While tragic and devastating for so many of us, it also is a time to pay tribute to the heroes and first responders who displayed such courage and grit in the face of terror and…
  • Basic skills, self-confidence are building blocks for student success
    I am reminded daily that students are the reason we all are here at San Jose State. Their energy, promise, and commitment to creating a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities inspires me in the work we do together at the university. So, naturally, our student success efforts are and will remain a priority for the university’s leadership, faculty and staff.
  • Recent hate incidents on campus and elsewhere
    These are troubling times in which we live. Rarely does a month go by, it seems, without another community in the U.S. or abroad being ripped apart by a mass shooting, a hate crime or a tragic incident of some sort. These events have become too familiar, and sadly, they may continue.
  • Welcome back!
    I am delighted to welcome each of you back to campus! You will feel the energy and excitement that ripples through campus as you walk around, settle in and prepare for classes. It is palpable!
  • President Papazian's message on Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting
    The San Jose State community and I once again are filled with heartache and mourning as we share in the pain, sadness and outrage of another horrific tragedy that has hit so close to home for many of us.