• Leadership news
    I am pleased to announce that Lisa Millora will be joining San Jose State as my new chief of staff, effective January 31. Lisa comes to us from Santa Clara University, where she has served in a variety of senior leadership roles.
  • Spartan East Side Promise offers window into collaboration, new opportunities
    As I continue to reflect on the wonderful fall commencement ceremonies that took place late last year, I have also been thinking about another generation of future SJSU graduates now working their way through the local education system.
  • At fall commencement and throughout this holiday season, imagine what is possible
    This Wednesday and Thursday, San Jose State will conduct its first fall commencement ceremonies to celebrate and honor our mid-year graduates for the completion of their degree requirements. Fall commencement dovetails nicely, I believe, with the holiday season and the coming new year. Both are celebratory in nature, of course, and both offer opportunities for reflection, gratitude and anticipation for what lies ahead.
  • SJSU Cares’ student housing and food security resources
    San José State University is committed to supporting the academic and personal wellbeing of our students. Many of you may have seen the recent news coverage regarding homelessness and food insecurity among our student population. The leadership team is keenly aware of this issue. With the winter months directly ahead of us, we take this time to send a reminder of the many resources SJSU provides.
  • Paving the way for the next generation of Latino and Latina activists
    As those of us at San José State know, this is a big anniversary year for our campus. In October, we welcomed an impressive lineup of activists, athletes, journalists, and academics for a series of panel discussions related to human rights. In large part, we were celebrating the two remarkable San José State athletes whose courageous actions thrust themselves not only across the finish line, but into the forefront of athlete activism back during the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. But there is a lesser known – though no less important – anniversary we also are observing this year, as we celebrate 50 years since Chicano and Chicana activists throughout San José and Santa Clara County began to demand social justice for the Latino community.