• SJSU leveraging its inclusive, welcoming character to help campus “grow and thrive”
    I promised several months ago to continue with a deep dive of our strategic plan, Transformation 2030, so next up is Goal 3—“Grow and Thrive.”
  • New experimental economics lab doesn’t just play games
    I recently attended a ribbon-cutting event celebrating SJSU's new experimental economics facility, known as the Spartan Experimental Economics Lab (SEEL). I very much enjoyed speaking with such a venerable group of economists—including Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon Smith, who shared the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences for his contributions to Behavior Economics—and it was even more exciting to think about how this new lab will elevate San Jose State's stature in the fast-growing experimental economics field.
  • Research and innovation heading toward next level at SJSU
    After a long and thorough search, we were absolutely thrilled earlier this summer to welcome Dr. Mohamed Abousalem as SJSU’s inaugural vice president for research and innovation. Because our research and innovation potential is so ripe for growth, we determined a campus-wide leadership position was needed.
  • Tradition, history and San Jose State football
    It has been just days since San Jose State’s football team earned one of the biggest victories in its long and illustrious history. The campus is still abuzz!
  • Message regarding recent campus incidents
    We all are rattled by two unrelated recent events that threaten our sense of safety and community on campus.