Immigrant Heritage Month: Uyen Bui

Uyen Bui is an incoming transfer student.

Uyen Bui is an incoming transfer student.

During Immigrant Heritage Month, San Jose State University will be telling stories of our students, faculty, staff and alumni who have unique and inspiring immigrant narratives to share. In addition, we will be highlighting our research, scholarship and creative activities that enhance our understanding of immigration and the contributions of immigrant populations to the fabric of SJSU’s campus community and society at large.

Uyen Bui is an incoming social work student who is transferring to SJSU from DeAnza College in the fall. She wrote to us to share her immigrant story:

I am an immigrant living in the United States for five years. In this foreign land, without parents, I have had to take steps to start a new life by myself. I have learned and experienced many valuable lessons. I was never discouraged, but feel worth myself for every bad and good things I got in life. After being broken, I became stronger, overcame my fears and achieved what I used to think was impossible.

I am proud to be an American soldier. I remember that day at basic training when I tripped and fell four times on the ruck march. I felt super hurt and exhausted under the heavy gear. I was left behind the whole company in the darkness of night, but still kept moving on with a thought in mind to “never give up.” I was not alone on that hard way. Walking with me, my drill sergeant said that I would make it happen. All memories and experiences of the Army and American life are worthwhile to me. I have continued to take new challenges and strived to be my best. I love all of my friends and my family giving me care and motivations.

I love the new country giving me opportunities to grow up and improve myself a lot. Human abilities are unlimited; therefore, never doubt your instinct. What other people can do you also can do. Take pride in your scars!

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