Media Relations

Media Relations is responsible for communicating SJSU’s news stories to local and national audiences through contact with television, radio, print and online outlets.

SJSU Media Relations

Pat Lopes Harris, Media Relations Director
408-924-1748 Office

Robin McElhatton, Media Relations Specialist
408-924-1749 Office

Public Records Requests

Rabea Woerthwein-Mack, Contract Administration Specialist
408-924-1547 Office

University Police Department

Captain Alan Cavallo, Public Information Officer
408-924-6551 Office

Athletics Department

John Poch, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/External Operations
408-924-1739 Office

University Housing Services

Kevina Brown, Community Relations Coordinator
408-795-5633 Office

SJSU Alumni Association

Brian Bates, Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations
408-924-6515 Office