National Engineers Week: Fuel of the Future

National Engineers Week is February 17-23, with more than 70 engineering, education and cultural societies and more than 50 corporations and government agencies involved in events and activities to celebrate the profession and promote STEM education around the nation. Ranked #3 in the nation among public engineering programs offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, according to U.S. News & World Report 2019, and a top contributor of talent to Silicon Valley, San Jose State University will be celebrating the faculty, students and programs that make up our Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering in a series of stories on our Newsroom and social media channels. The College of Engineering offers 13 engineering disciplines with 7,400 students enrolled and works closely with its Engineering Industry Advisory Council to ensure the curriculum and learning experiences offered to its students align with workforce needs.

Mohamed Badawy

Mohamed Badawy

San Jose State University Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Mohamed Badawy is the director of the Center of Power Electronic Converters (CPEC), where students learn about and research how to better power electronics from cars electric vehicles to cell phones to solar cells.

He was recently interviewed in a California State University news story on “The Fuels of the Future.” In the article, Badawy shares his thoughts about the viability of electric vehicles and future improvements that will make charging them accesible. Read the full article online.

His research interest extends beyond electric vehicles. Working with undergraduate and graduate students in the CPEC lab, he is also interested in developing novel photovoltaic (PV) power processing technologies that could improve energy capture in solar technology. He is also engaged in research that supports the adoption of highly efficient electrical loads that could improve cell phone charges, laptop chargers, power supplies and LED drives.