Taking the First Step

Contact: Brea Watts, Associated Students Marketing Associate, 408-924-6264

Associated Students of SJSU is taking a new approach to its annual elections by grabbing attention with chalk outlines, print posters and digital messaging urging students to take the first step toward running for the board.

It is worth noting these are paid positions.  Successful candidates will earn $500 monthly for director positions and $1,000 monthly for executive officers. The deadline to apply is March 1 and voting will be held April 8-10.

The campaign was launched this month via webpage, newsletter, social media, posters and chalking in high traffic areas, along with targeted ads in each college matching positions to their corresponding majors.

The surge in marketing stems from hours of brainstorming and innovation from the graphics and marketing department at A.S. and the Student Elections Commission to increase the awareness of the board positions and get students to run.

A.S. Board of Directors are students leaders who make decisions regarding policies, procedures and funding in the interest of the general student body.

Elections are held each spring, and students are encouraged to run for positions to gain valuable business experience while advocating the rights and concerns of their peers.

Applications for the board and the Executive Committee are available at the A.S. House, Student Involvement office, on the Student Elections Commission homepage and A.S. website.