New AS President Looks To Build On Community

Student Calvin Worsnup is standing in front of the Associated Student Office

Incoming Associated Students President Calvin Worsnup plans to build a sense of community on campus (Dillon Adams photo).

By Amanda Holst, Public Affairs Assistant

The election is over, the votes are in, and although senior computer science major Calvin Worsnup was just elected Associated Students of SJSU president, his passion for student government started much sooner. While attending Branham High School, Worsnup served as publicity officer, producing videos, events, and media to promote school activities. The native San Jose resident came to SJSU for its advertising program, but has since changed his focus to computer science networking. Worsup welcomes his new position as an opportunity to stay involved on campus, and explore his interest in politics.

“I really like being an advocate for students and a representative,” Worsnup said. “If it goes well and I do a good job, I might consider this as a possible future career for me.”

The new AS president talked to SJSU Today about why he ran for office and his plans for the coming year. The following is edited for length and clarity.

SJSUToday: What are your top priorities for AS in the coming year?

Calvin Worsnup: My two priorities are to try to organize students and build a sense of community. I really want to work with all of the organizations that we built. I want to get together and really talk about the issues. To go along with community and having more collaboration, I’d like to provide more opportunities for citizenship. It’s really important for student to feel like they are a part of AS, to feel like there is an avenue for them to express their opinions and make changes, and to know that AS supports them.

: What are your plans in the future, professionally and personally?

: I might try to go for a more political avenue. My main plan for right now would be to continue on to my graduate degree. I want to go into some sort of administration; whether it be public or nonprofit, I’m quite not sure.

: Why did you run for office?

: I had been apart of AS for two years and I really like it. I see the potential that it has to be a better organization and I want an opportunity to show the campus what AS can do. I want to help students live and fulfill their dreams and AS is a great opportunity to do that.

: What’s new and cool for fall 2012?

: I want to have one general assembly at the beginning of the year. I don’t want to share too many secrets but definitely look for some different things that you haven’t seen on campus before. I am looking to turn heads and get students’ attention.