Spartan Daily students watch Jonathan Stypula demonstrating Tackable on iPhone.

Spartan Daily Tests New iPhone App, Transforming Photojournalism

SJSU student newspaper editors are testing a new iPhone application created by fellow Spartans that could transform the way we collect and share news images. In a nutshell, it’s all about crowd sourcing.

“We’re really excited to try this app out as an experiment,” said Salman Haqqi, Spartan Daily executive editor. “The integration of mobile apps is the future of journalism in the coming years. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of emerging technologies that give our readers a chance to be part of what we do at the Spartan Daily.”

Here’s how it works: Spartan Daily uses the app, Tackable, to invite users to take photos of an event. People attend the event, take photos and upload the pics to a site for all to see. Editors review the photos, select the best ones, and print them in the paper.

The app combines the most popular features of social networking and social gaming sites. People can make comments, receive points, compete for spots on the leader board, and unlock an “entourage” for tips and encouragement.

Tackable’s co-founders have big ambitions. Marketing major Jonathan Stypula and recent journalism graduate Luke Stangel are also working with the Bay Area News Group’s 20 papers including the San Jose Mercury News.

“We believe this is an application that will revolutionize news and has the potential to change the world,” said Stypula. “Breaking news won’t be able to hide.”

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Interested Tackable for the Spartan Daily? Download the app, and give it a whirl. Then send your comments to Tackable at