SJSU Blogs: Professor Establishing Journalism Program in Afghanistan

Professor Guerrazzi meets with colleagues at Herat University.

Professor Guerrazzi (third from the right) meets with colleagues at Herat University.

By Pat Lopes Harris
Media Relations Director

Keep up with Diane Guerrazzi, assistant professor of journalism and mass communications, as she works in one of the world’s most war-torn nations to help establish college programs in her field.

Though she has had a few harrowing experiences (management at her hotel felt the need to post a “no weapons allowed” sign in the lobby), she also expresses delight in early successes.

She and her colleagues at Herat University have already agreed on requirements for bachelor’s degrees in journalism and public relations.

Read more on the Herat Journalism Project blog, and view photos that will take you to the heart of Afghanistan today.

You’ll see entries from Guerrazzi and SJSU journalism lecturer Peter Young, who have teamed together on this endeavor, funded by a $1.2 million U.S. State Department grant.#