Marco Henry sitting with group in China having dinner.

San José State Student Bloggers Share World Travels

By Ryan Whitchurch, Public Affairs Assistant

Marco Henry sitting with group in China having dinner.

Marco Henry Negrete and fellow Spartan Ivan Ng sit together in China for a meal with Ivan's local family.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be thrown into an entirely new environment with minimal support to help grasp your surroundings? These San Jose State students decided to find out and are blogging about their experiences as they adapt to a new lifestyle while getting acclimated to their surroundings.

Public relations major Marco Negrete, Jr. is expanding his horizons and taking on the challenge to study abroad one semester in Hong Kong. “My time at SJSU allowed me to become a more cultured person through living and interacting in such a diverse community,” Negrete wrote in his blog. “I was able to turn that new and unfamiliar place into my second home. Although, this is a bit more extreme than going from one part of the state to another, I’m confident that I’ll be fine.”

Aspiring entertainment journalist Keith Bryant is following his dreams and taking a bite out of the Big Apple as an intern for MTV’s True Life. “The theme of the MTV intern program is called ‘Powered By You,’” Bryant said in one recent post. “I truly believe this statement because you make what your internship is. I plan on coming to work with a positive attitude and eagerness to learn. I am absolutely going to take advantage of this opportunity and improve myself for the better.”

You can follow along with Spartans as they blog about their adventures and develop into young professionals that will undoubtedly make their mark on the world.

Here I am-Hong Kong By Marco Henry Negrete, Jr.
Here I am, 7 thousand miles away from home in Hong Kong. Even though I’ve planned this trip for 2 years, I start to question if I’m really prepared. Is planning the same thing as preparing? Has it hit me yet? How do you know when it “hits you?”  Read more from Marco in his blog.

Keith in the Big Apple By Keith Bryant
I am here in New York living out one my dreams this fall semester. I am interning at MTV in their News and Docs department. More specifically, I am working on the show True Life, doing  tasks similar to an entry-level production assistant. Read more from Keith in his blog.

Note: The opinions and and views in these posts are those of the independent student bloggers and not of San Jose State University.