Illustration by Suhita Shirodkar

CommUniverCity Provides a Model for Healthy Cities of the Future

Illustration by Suhita Shirodkar

The community of Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace envisions replacing a rail line east of campus with a neighborhood pathway (illustration by Suhita Shirodkar).

Mighty Union Pacific trains once pulsed through downtown San Jose, a land rich with agriculture. But now both the trains and orchards are gone — leaving behind a skeleton of derelict railroad track and city-dwellers with no easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

A broad coalition sees in these remains the seeds of a community renewal. This community-university-city partnership — called CommUniverCity — seeks to use the fallow land to restore health to the working-class neighborhood surrounding Five Wounds Church.

Read contributing writer Lisa Krieger’s full story about the community-university-city partnership that’s helping San Jose’s Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace neighborhood become a model for safe, clean and healthy communities throughout the city.

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