Jeffrey Gaines, headshot

2010-11 Outstanding Lecturer: Jeffrey Gaines

Jeffrey Gaines, headshot

2010-11 Outstanding Lecturer: Jeffrey Gaines, lecturer of management information systems.

By Amanda Holst, Public Affairs Student Assistant

The Outstanding Lecturer Award recognizes a lecturer for excellence in teaching effectiveness and service to the San Jose State campus community.

Jeffrey Gaines enjoys taking his freshman students on camping trips where they are taken out of their “concrete jungle.” Creating invaluable experiences outside the classroom is just part of his “showing through examples” style as an instructor of technology–and what has helped him earn the 2010-2011 Outstanding Lecturer Award.

Gaines, lecturer in the Management Information Systems Department, uses his corporate experience at companies like Accenture to provide his students’ real-life examples. He gives them tools that will make them more marketable when they graduate. He also teaches them leadership by combining activities that develop core values and relationships through the MUSE program–a program that he helped to develop six years ago, and what he says continues to drive his passion at San Jose State.

“I traveled the world and I have many experiences,” Gaines says. In teaching his courses, Gaines says he tries to show through example how theory is used in the technological world, and tries to create experiences that challenge students to expand their horizons.

“The range of his contributions to the College and Business and co-curricular activities, particularly his role as advisor to the Sigma Chi fraternity, is quite amazing,” says one nominator.

Gaines’ dedication to San Jose State goes beyond lecturing. As course coordinator for Business 188, he works with the course’s other faculty members to generate new teaching resources. Gaines is a co-developer of a MIS student orientation program, where he draws on his professional career to set experiences for students that prepare them for the career path of their choice. Gaines also developed an off-campus leadership program that aids in the retention efforts of freshmen.

“The days are filled with the development of meaningful and hopefully life-long relationships with students and colleagues, and a chance to make a difference in the lives of others.” “This is the reason I return every semester to this university.”

Gaines earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Fresno State University and an M.B.A. from San Diego State University. He currently teaches and coordinates Business 188, the largest course in the MIS department, along with other courses. Gaines is also the assistant director of the Global Leadership Advancement Center and faculty advisor for the College of Business Executive Leadership Council.