What are the differences between a special session program and a regular session program?

A regular session program is funded by the State of California and a special session class is funded by student tuition. Thus, the State of California will carry partial tuition of a student with the status of California resident. However, all students taking a special session class will pay the same tuition. It is exactly the same degree, whether it is offered through a regular session or a special session.

What is the history of the Master of Science in Data Analytics program?

In order to accommodate the high demand from both the industry and students, this program was developed by faculty members from five SJSU colleges and industry experts from prominent Silicon Valley companies. In December 2017, the president of San José State University approved this program to be launched in fall 2018. SJSU has submitted the new degree program proposal to the Office of the Chancellor of California State University (CSU) for its final approval. The College of International and Extended Studies (CIES) will host this program due to its interdisciplinary curriculum. In addition, CIES is the hosting college of Silicon Valley Big Data and Cybersecurity Center.