What course content is covered in DATA 294 (Data Analytics Seminar)?

MSDA students take this course during their second semester at SJSU.  Silicon Valley domain experts and industry leaders are invited to the class each week to present their case studies and propose industry project topics for students.  After completing this class, students can potentially connect with Silicon Valley experts and work on real-world master’s degree projects (DATA 298A and 298B) in the following two semesters.  Students also may have the opportunity to seek internships by connecting with Silicon Valley companies.

Can I take elective courses?

There are no electives for students admitted to Fall 2018.  However, students admitted to Fall 2019 can take 2 electives. All electives must be offered by the MSDA program. For the time being, MSDA program offers two electives – INFO 208 (Big Data Technologies) and CMPE 256 (Large Scale Analytics).