What is the Python Programming Test and DATA 200

DATA 200, Computational Programming for Data Analytics, is a remedial course in addition to the 10 required courses of the MSDA degree. Just like the degree-required courses, the tuition cost of DATA 200 is $2,250.

The status of all students admitted to fall 2019 semester is “Conditionally Classified”. Each student is required to pass the Python Programming Test (waiver exam) or the DATA 200 class in fall 2019. The status of a student who has passed the Python Programming Test or the DATA 200 class will be changed from “Conditionally Classified” to “Classified”.

The scope of this test includes the Python language, data structures and algorithms. Students are required to register at the following link in order to receive emails about the venue and seating numbers of the fall 2019 test.  The registration deadline is August 1, 2019.

This is my first term at SJSU and I cannot attend, what will happen to my status?

If you do not attend SJSU in your first term of admission, your status will be cancelled. You will need to re-apply through the California State University website to attend SJSU at a future time.  (Please refer to http://www.sjsu.edu/registrar/faqs/Attendance_and_Policy_FAQs/index.html#q4)


I had previously applied for another SJSU program. How can I complete my application for MSDA?

To apply to change your current Major to MSDA send an email to admissions@sjsu.edu and submit your request to transfer your application documents. Note that you can only apply to change your major in your 2nd semester. Download a Change of Major form. from GAPE.