What is the program of study for the 2020-21 catalog?

The curriculum of the MSDA program is posted in the sjsu.edu/msda catalog.  In general, each full-time student who has satisfied the admission condition(s) should follow the following program of study.

Semester 1  
DATA 220 Mathematical Methods for Data Analytics
DATA 225 Database Systems for Analytics
DATA 228 Big Data Technologies and Applications

Semester 2
DATA 230 Data Visualization
DATA 245 Machine Learning Technologies
DATA 294 Data Analytics Seminar

Semester 3    
DATA 240 Data Mining and Analytics
DATA 255 Deep Learning Technologies*
DATA 298A or 299A MSDA Project I or MSDA Thesis I

Semester 4  
DATA 298B or 299B MSDA Project II or MSDA Thesis II

*or DATA 250 Large Scale Data Analytics if there is a sufficient demand.


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