Wed Oct 16: Edfinity: Problems and Questions in the Cloud

The SJSU Math Colloquium continues its fall series with Shivram Venkat (Edfinity) talking about “Edfinity: Problems and Questions in the Cloud”.  Traditionally, math problems and questions have always remained bundled in expensive textbooks, locked in personal educator repositories and lost in older publications that have fallen out of the public eye.  Additionally, educators and authors lack access to facilities for self-publishing of problems and questions, and collaboration on the creation and use of problems.  Edfinity seeks to address this by “unbundling” the traditional textbook and creating an open digital marketplace for problems and questions, with various ancillary features for students and educators.

Background: No particular background is necessary.

Note: This talk is in conjunction with the math department’s attempts to find low- and no-cost alternatives to current textbooks.  All instructors, and anyone interested in mathematical education, are especially encouraged to attend.

  • Date: Wed Oct 16
  • Time: 3-3:50pm
  • Room: MH320
  • Snacks: 2:30pm in MH331B

Hope to see you there!

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