External Grant Opportunity

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The Golden State Teacher Grant Program (GSTG) encourages students to consider earning a teaching credential and teach in a high-need field, at a priority school, in California for four years, within five years after completing a teacher preparation program. The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) will award $20,000 Golden State Teacher Grants to over 4,400 eligible students across California, that are enrolled in a Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved teacher preparation program on or after January 1, 2020.  To learn more, visit the California Student Aid Commission website!

External Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities

The Lurie College of Education was recently made aware of the external opportunities listed below so we want to pass the word along to our community!

Galileo Spark Innovation Scholarship

Photo from galileo-camps.com


Drawing heavily from the innovation process inspired by the Institute of Design at Stanford, Galileo runs an evolving series of programs for kids pre-K through 8th grade. The camp is split into two subsections, Camp Galileo for kids from pre-K to 5th grade, and Galileo Summer Quest for kids between 5th and 8th grade. Galileo also designs and runs camps for The Tech Museum of Innovation — 4th-8th grade.  The Galileo Spark Innovation Scholarship was recently established to give back to aspiring educators who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any major, and who intend to apply that degree to work as innovators in preK-12 education.  Learn more about how to apply for a $1000 scholarship by Sunday, November 24, by visiting the Galileo Camps website.


Ignited, a non-profit that believes the most effective way to influence education is through teachers, is seeking applications for their summer fellowship.  The fellowship is a full-time placement that lets teachers experience first-hand what it takes to be successful in today’s industry and research environments.  Learn more about how to apply for the fellowship program by mid-February by visiting the Ignited Education website.