Student Spotlight | Ally Landreth

Learn about Ally Landreth, an SJSU alumni pursuing her credential in Single Subject Teacher Education at the SJSU Lurie College of Education.  Ally is also the recipient of the Elementary and Secondary Education Scholarship Endowment award and the Charlotte B. Stelling Endowment Fund award for the 2019-2020 academic year!

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Leaders of Lurie College | Tuan

Meet Tuan, recently graduated SJSU grad student and one of the leaders of Lurie College!

“Eleven years ago, I was disoriented and discouraged by so many obstacles when I first step my foot into this new land from Vietnam. However, what ran through my blood was the undying passion of becoming someone who would make differences. SJSU and the Lurie College of Education helped me complete my journey of becoming a school teacher, who will guide the new generation. I believe everyone has the innate ability to be successful, and I want to be a part of that process.”

SJSU Lurie College of Education Teacher Education Department Graduate Student Tuan Dam

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Meet the Lurie College Faculty | Mark Felton, PhD

Mark Felton is a Professor of Teacher Education & Faculty Associate Dean for Research in the Lurie College of Education. His research focuses on how students learn to reason with arguments and evidence in science and social science classrooms. He studies how students learn to leverage peer dialogue to challenge their own assumptions and arrive at more complex, nuanced or accurate levels of understanding. He is currently studying productive civic discourse among youth on social media.  Read more below and listen to Mark’s personality playlist on the Lurie College Spotify account!

SJSU Lurie College of Education Teacher Education Department Faculty Mark Felton


  • Ph.D., Human Development, Columbia University
  • B.A., Psychology, Stanford University


  • Felton, M., Crowell, A., Garcia-Mila, M. & Villarroel, C. (in press). Capturing deliberative argument: An analytic coding scheme for studying argumentative dialogue and its benefits for learning. Learning, Culture & Social Interaction.
  • Rapanta, C. & Felton, M. (2019). Mixed methods research in inquiry-based instruction: An integrative review. International Journal of Mixed Methods Research. DOI:
  • Villarroel, C., Felton, M. & Garcia-Mila, M., Banda, A. M. (2019). The effects of argumentative task on the quality of dialogue and writing. Infancia e Aprendizaje (Childhood and Learning), 42(1), 7-86.


  • Felton, M., Crowell, A., Garcia-Mila, M. & Villarroel, C. (2019). Arguing deliberatively: Capturing constructive argument in adolescent and adult discourse. Panel paper presented at the European Conference on Argumentation. Groningen, Netherlands.
  • Felton, M. (2019). Why argue? Purpose and the educational potential of argument. Keynote presented at the International Workshop on Successful Online Information Behavior. University of Humboldt/Einstein Center, Berlin, Germany.
  • Felton, M. & Crowell, A. (2018). Argumentation and the nature of constructive dialogue: A study of novice and expert discourse. Paper presented at the European Association for Research in Teaching and Learning (EARLI) SIG 20/26 Conference, Jerusalem, Israel.


  • Principal Investigator, Trio Project: Professional Development Across the Teacher Continuum. Office of English Language Acquisition: National Professional Development Grant (U.S. Department of Education, T365Z120188-15). Grant of $1,800,000 awarded AY 2012-2017.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, SPOT: An Classroom observation tool and protocol for STEM in Higher Education, Promoting Research and Innovation in Methodologies for Evaluation (PRIME) Grant (National Science Foundation, DRL-1337069). Grant of $250,000 awarded AY 2013-15.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Disciplinary Writing Instruction for the Social Studies Classroom: A Path to Adolescent Literacy. Institute for Education Sciences Grant: Interventions for Struggling Adolescent Readers and Writers (U.S. Department of Education). Grant of $1,500,000 awarded AY 2009-2012.



  • Argumentation
  • Classroom dialogue
  • Adolescent reasoning
  • Teacher professional learning


Lurie College Students Receive Bertha Kalm Scholarship

Congratulations to SJSU Lurie College graduate students Danielle Patenaude and Jared Jew, who are 2 of 6 students that were recently awarded the Bertha Kalm Scholarship by the College of Graduate Studies – learn more about Danielle and Jared below! 💙💛

SJSU Lurie College of Education Teacher Education Graduate Student Danielle Patenaude

SJSU Lurie College of Education Communicative Disorders and Sciences Graduate Student Jared Jew

“I am motivated everyday by the students I work with to find new ways to elevate their learning and help them make their voices heard in a system that does not always value the full picture of who they are as multilingual learners. I believe strongly in democratic, student-centered education, and my desire to provide access to that type of learning experience for students is behind my drive to continue research and pursue further education in the LACES Masters program at SJSU. I am lucky to be surrounded by incredible examples of motivated and hardworking educators in this program and at my school that help support my pursuit of more equitable practices for our students.” – Danielle Patenaude

“My passion to make a difference is defined by my love for this world and my hope that future generations will not have to struggle through the hardships that I faced alone. I acknowledge that hardship catalyzes growth and shaped me into who I am today, but I believe creating a safe environment for growth from failure through supported exploration can create the same effect without leaving individuals emotionally damaged. My hope as a future professional is to inspire compassion for others through the support I offer those I work with in the hopes that they will do the same for others in their lives. If I am able to successfully ease the struggles someone faces in their life at that given point of time, then I will know I have done my job.” – Jared Jew

Welcome to the Fall 2019 semester, Lurie College!

On behalf of the SJSU Lurie College of Education, Dean Heather Lattimer and Associate Dean Marcos Pizarro would like to welcome its new and returning students to the fall 2019 semester and make them aware of some upcoming events and opportunities!

  • Visit to learn more about student research grant opportunities!
  • Visit to enter your name for a chance to join Dean Heather Lattimer, a special guest, and a group of students for great conversation and a complimentary meal each month!
  • Join Lurie College friends, students, faculty, and staff for food, games, prizes, helpful information, and more on Wed., Sep. 18, in the Sweeney Hall courtyard!
  • Utilize the Student Success Center in Sweeney Hall 106 and the Study and Collaboration Room in Sweeney Hall 446 – they provide advising, study space, helpful workshops, and more!
  • Connect with Lurie College at to receive more news about academic and student life!

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