Leaders of Lurie College | Ana

Meet Ana, SJSU staff member and one of the leaders of Lurie College!

“My passion for education was modeled to me by my grandfather, who helped raise me. A former farmworker with a fifth grade education, my grandfather had a hunger for learning and reading that inspired me to take advantage of every resource possible in college, graduate school, and my career. I’m grateful to be working for SJSU and the College of Education because I see a genuine passion for learning all around me and a strong commitment to expand educational opportunities for others.”

SJSU Lurie College of Education EdD Leadership Program Staff Ana Paz-Rangel

The Leaders of Lurie College series has been curated by Brian Cheung Dooley.

One thought on “Leaders of Lurie College | Ana

  1. Ana is a very nice person, down to earth and courteous.