KIN Ambassadors Connect KIN with Student Community at SJSU Student Org Fair

by Danika Ziemer, undergrad major KIN

Kinesiology Ambassadors Club is headed toward another great year. At the Student Org Fair last Wednesday, we met 49 new prospective members. Thank you to everyone who came out to our booth. The Org Fair was an awesome experience to connect with the student community. Our table was next to the KIN Pre-Physical Therapy Club and KIN Adapted Physical Activity Club, which allowed the officers from the various Kinesiology clubs a chance to meet, work together to attract new members, and pass students on to the adjoining tables.

We had the chance to work together as a unified Kinesiology family. Many students saw the importance of networking with fellow students and realized the positive impact that we can make on our school and community when we work collaboratively. Last year, we began this mission to promote Kinesiology to our SJSU student body and community at large culminating with winning Best New Club on Campus award.

We are looking forward to getting our new members together so we can organize the events that we have planned for this year. The most exciting part is having members from all emphases in the KIN Department. Imagine what the SJSU Kinesiology Department can accomplish when we combine the different disciplines that comprise the field of Kinesiology.

If you are a Kinesiology student, and you didn’t get a chance to stop by the booth to sign up, it’s not too late. Stop by our board in SPX and sign or send us an e-mail: