KIN in the Community: e-Soccer, Physical Activity, Disabled Populations, and Community Engagement

by Danika Ziemer

E-Soccer kicked off this past Saturday morning! For those of you who have never heard of E-Soccer, it’s a program designed for able-bodied children as well as those with

Coaches and players learning teamwork

special needs. Children as young as two years old to those in their mid-teens come out to the field for an hour every Saturday. E-Soccer is held in ten different locations in Northern California and one location in Las Vegas. The program is now global with sites in India and Kenya. At the Sunnyvale location, students at SJSU join with students from Santa Clara University to lead the 5-6 year old children in various adapted drills and games to improve the children’s soccer and teamwork skills. The kids, and coaches, have a blast playing games on “Soccer Island” or “Soccer Spaceship.”

E-Soccer is based on inclusion, which is vital for children to learn at such a young age. It’s incredible to see how well children and special needs children learn to interact and work with each other so quickly. Some kids need a one-on-one coach to help them through the program, but all of the kids work together and cheer each other on throughout the practice. These kids are so energetic and silly that it’s impossible not to have a good time on the field. I have been a coach at E-Soccer for almost a year now. I can safely say that those kids have made a larger impact on my life than I could ever possibly make on theirs, and I’m sure the other coaches would agree. I definitely believe that every student should come and check out the program.

We could always use more coaches, so if you’re interested in getting involved, e-mail the Kin Ambassadors Club at You can also check out the website at

Players on the move. Soccer and health.

14th Annual SJSU Disability Sport Expo Nov. 5th: Join Us!

We would like to extend an invite to join us at the 2012 Disability Sport Expo on the SJSU campus on Monday November 5,2012.
Our main goal for the Disability Sport Expo 2012 (DSE) is to provide information about disability sport, as well as demonstrating dis-sports.  After demonstrating the sports, we will allow the audience to get involved.  This may include letting them get into wheel chairs and playing quad-rugby.  The sports will be taught and demonstrated by the students in Kin 159, including guests to help teach Power Wheelchair Soccer.
Sports on demonstration at the DSE 2012 will include: Sitting Volleyball, Power Wheelchair Soccer, Goal Ball, Wheelchair Rugby, and more.
We will also have raffles with prizes and silent auctions to raise money for future club events and expos.  Guest speakers will be in attendance to give information about these sports and how attendees can become more involved.
We hope to have a large turnout for DSE 2012. We would like to promote our event to as many people as possible to teach them something they may not have been aware of before.  We hope that we can come together as a campus and spread the word, as well as have a large gathering to show able and disabled bodies that there are sports for everyone.
For more information, please contact Dr. Nanancy Meggison (, or student aides Daniel Gutierezz ( or Liz Parada (
Join us in celebrating and researching disability sport.