Department of Kinesiology Scholar Award for Undergraduate Students

Department of Kinesiology Scholar Award for Undergraduate Students

The annual Department of Kinesiology Scholar Award honors students from each major
curricular area within the department: Kinesiology, Physical Education Teacher Education, and
Athletic Training. The Kinesiology Scholar Award recognizes students who have achieved a
distinctive academic and leadership record. The award is intended to recognize and promote
academic excellence, to further the professional competence and dedication of academically
accomplished students and to promote kinesiology and its related fields. Applicants for the
Scholar Award are also eligible for submission to the AKA student awards (see and other on-
campus honors.

Scholar Award Criteria:
• Senior status with a minimum overall GPA of 3.6
• Student graduating in the current academic year
• Demonstrates exceptional scholarly interest in the field of kinesiology

Nominations are due Monday, February 25, 2019 and must include:

• Completed nomination form;
• Resume (not to exceed two pages) including GPA and information related to scholarly
interest/accomplishments, leadership, and service to the profession;
• A 250-300 word narrative describing the applicant’s academic accomplishments and
information related to award criteria (see below);
• Email digital photo of student (Preferably 400 x 600 pixel JPG) to Dr. Chin:
The scholar award narrative should include evidence of the following:
• Commitment to high levels of academic accomplishment and leadership
• Engagement with professional and/or academic organizations
• Demonstration of academic excellence across the discipline

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