KIN Graduate Student Ying Mitchell Featured on KTSF

Kinesiology graduate student Ying Mitchell recently appeared on KTSF to discuss her 298 graduate project, VivAsia Fitness. Ying is scheduled to graduate this Spring. Her project is an excellent example of linking theory and practice together in an effort to serve our local community through health, fitness, and cultural development.

In the video, the reporter talks about Ying’s background, Ying discusses her inspiration behind creating a cultural aerobic program (VivAsia Fitness), and then testimonials from some of the participants are aired.

Below is the link to the Mandarin version of the story that was aired on 3/15.  There was also a shorter Cantonese version aired that day.  The clip lasts about 2 1/2 min — some Mandarin only, but Ying speaks in English and 1 or 2 of the participants speak in English as well.


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