Northside Community Center Internship Opportunities

by Amy Jewett

Northside Community Center has internship opportunities available to work with seniors to promote healthy aging. Some potential projects students can work on are listed below, and can be used for either Kin 180 or Kin 198 credit:

-Teaching Classes: Student-run classes begin this semester on topics including physical activity, nutrition, health behaviors, etc. for seniors, which will overall promote healthy aging. Some classes are in place already and others need to be started. Students will help develop and teach the classes.

-Fitness Checks: Students would perform fitness checks for seniors, as well as write up individualized reports for each of them. Write-ups will include information on strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. Since many of the seniors will be taking part in the new classes, it would be beneficial to have these checks done twice during the semester to look for improvements.

-Health Fair: Students would plan and execute a health fair, which can include students from other departments as well as professionals in the community. The objective of this would be to promote healthy aging, and students would also be responsible for advertising the event at other senior centers and the community to build awareness both of the event and the center.

There are other available projects for students to help the center with, but these are the main things that pertain to kinesiology. Interested students should contact Amy Jewett, Senior Wellness Coordinator, Northside Senior Center, The center is close to campus, located on 6th Street just outside of Japan Town, and days/times for internships are flexible.

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