Wireless Network Updates

Note: This article was originally published in a November 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

To improve the campus wireless network, the existing network is being replaced with Cisco wireless network devices that allow for increased access and throughput using the latest in network technologies.

We plan to triple the number of wireless access points (WAPs) in campus buildings. This installation requires an outage of wireless access in a building and is being scheduled during non-business hours to limit the user impact. We are tracking the current wireless issues while we work on the improvements. Visit Wireless Network for helpful information.
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Buildings Updated through October:

  • Lucas Business Complex
  • Music
  • Computer Center
  • Administration
  • Associated Students House
  • University Police/Human Resources

Schedule for November:

  • Nov 1: Student Services Center
  • Nov 4: Student Union Expansion Phase 1
  • Nov 10: Dudley Moorhead Hall
  • Nov 10: Instructional Resource Center
  • Nov 24: Washington Square Hall
  • Nov 24: Science
  • Nov 26: Business Tower

SJSU Wireless Network Update and Plans

SJSU Wi-Fi iconNote: This article was originally published in a October 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

With a record number of students on campus this semester, we have more than doubled the number of wireless devices on campus since Fall 2012. On an average day this semester, our wireless network supports access of more than 26,000 mobile devices that generate 2,300 GigaBytes of wireless network traffic.

In an ongoing effort to keep up with increasing demand, IT Services is upgrading the campus wireless network on a building-by-building basis through the Fall and Spring. By the start of the Spring 2014 semester, we will have introduced SJSU wireless in the Housing buildings. By the end of the project, we will have tripled the number of wireless access points presently on campus.

The wireless network upgrade will introduce the best in class Cisco wireless access points. These devices will include the new support for the latest wireless protocols including the 802.11A/C standard that supports 450Mbps data rates. This upgrade will enable support for HD video, live video streaming, Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) technology, and advanced information security.



Internet Speed Increased & Wireless Coming to Housing in Spring ’14

Note: This article was originally published in a October 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

IT Services has made significant improvements to the Housing network, increasing resident’s Internet speed by about 5 times. Rooms that were previously limited to Internet speeds of 2MB have been upgraded to 10MB speeds. Several upgrades took place, including installation of Cisco state-of-the art firewalls utilizing 20GB Internet connection. The firewalls also provide premier security protection to the residents with adaptive security capabilities.

IT Services continues to make improvements to the Housing IT services for residents. There is a project underway to upgrade some of the residence halls with new Cisco network equipment, which can allow speeds up to 1GB connections to each room.

Campus wireless is planned for rooms and hallways for the Spring 2014 semester. Cisco Wireless Access Points will be mounted throughout the residence halls. We are currently installing the necessary wiring to connect all the wireless access points and looking forward to turning on the SJSU Wi-Fi in the residence halls soon.

Next Gen Technology Project Deployment Update

Note: This article was originally published in a August 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

As previously communicated, the deployment of Next Gen Technology to campus users is underway in many campus areas this Summer.

Cisco Wireless Access Points

After behind-the-scenes installation of new network equipment in campus buildings, the project team is deploying Cisco Wireless Access Points to meet the rising demand generated by the increase in user wireless devices including smart phones, tablet computers, and laptops.

Cisco Unified Communications VoIP

The deployment of Cisco Unified Communications VoIP voice and video phones has been completed for users in the Music Building, with the Faculty Office Building, Hugh Gillis Hall and Student Union expansion planned next. Visit Unified Communication System for a full schedule of building sequencing through the end of calendar year 2013, along with more details on deployment coordination.

Next Generation Learning Spaces

Based on feedback from faculty and academic support staff, changes to the Next Generation Learning Spaces are being implemented to enhance the audio/visual controls systems. These changes will simplify the usage of the equipment in the spaces and automate the lecture capture capabilities into the SJSU VideoShare system. Workshops are planned for delivery by Academic Technology in August to train instructors assigned to classes in these spaces for the Fall 2013 semester.

Wireless Wherever

Wireless Access Points Design

Wireless Access Points Design

Note: This article was originally published in a March 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

The Next Gen Technology Project has the goal to increase the coverage and capacity of the campus wireless network to make wireless wherever a reality. This will involve conversion of the current wireless network to Cisco technology and installing nearly 4 times the number of wireless access points (WAP) that are currently deployed. A WAP is the receiver that communicates with the wireless transmitters in mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to provide network connectivity to campus and internet resources.

The first step in the process was to complete wireless coverage assessments in 42 campus buildings on the main campus, south campus, and remote locations such as Moss Landing Marine Labs, 210 4th Street, and Reed Hillview Aviation. Engineering teams performed wireless radio measurements in each room of each building and used the results to determine the optimal location for wireless access points to be placed.

The assessment process provided the design for the new wireless network and IT Services has been installing network cabling to the new WAP locations. Work on this phase of the process will continue through Spring.

The next step, which is in the testing phase, is to enable the Cisco core wireless network technology to communicate to the WAPS and authenticate users for controlled access.

Once this is completed, we can begin the conversion to the new wireless network which is scheduled for later this Spring. Because the conversion will involve outages, the work will be scheduled during off-hours, on a building-by building basis in coordination with building occupants.

More project information and the latest updates is available at Wireless Network Expansion.