The New Technology Experience For Faculty Fall 2015

SJSU’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley gives our institution an edge in the technology marketplace, as we routinely supply high-technology firms in the area with more engineering, computer science, and business graduates than any other college or university. It’s not surprising, then, to see SJSU embrace educational methods that exploit the latest technology to dramatically enhance the university experience.

The mission of IT Services is to support student success through the innovative use of technology in the classroom and across campus, while supporting automation of SJSU’s administrative functions. We promote “unbounded learning” to enhance student success through continuous learning innovations. We do this by providing agility through an advanced technology infrastructure. Faculty and students will benefit greatly from numerous improvements and advancements that have been made since Spring of this year.

In The Classroom

  • WebEx online collaboration to connect swiftly and securely with students, teachers, colleagues
  • TelePresence available for all Faculty, Staff, Students via WebEx Enabled TelePresence (bridge) and via High Def equipment in some classrooms and conference rooms
  • Next Generation Spaces update – 7 fully integrated learning spaces; 7 fully integrated learning spaces coming in the next year; 6 meeting spaces
  • 30 mobile TelePresence units; 10 available now; others arrive by end of Oct.
  • Updated classroom phones installed
  • Wi-Fi in all classrooms, campus buildings and student residences
    • Nearly 67,000 unique devices connected, 14,500 wireless devices connected
    • Students reporting seeing internet speeds over 100 MBPS

On Campus

  • 4,000 new phones deployed
  • Workstation/computer refresh – Over 3,000 Lab, Faculty, and Staff Computers Replaced

What’s Coming Next
More technology enhancements are on the way as we continue with our five-year roadmap that began in 2012.

  • Innovation & Collaboration Expo, Oct. 1 – 2. All faculty, staff and students are invited.
  • Next Gen rooms with high definition, TelePresence/Lecture Capture in classrooms/conference rooms
  • UPD silent alarm on all faculty & staff phones
  • Outdoor wireless to be completed by August 2016.

We believe that technology enriches the educational process. It transcends geographical and cultural boundaries to provide greater learning and teamwork experiences. We remain committed to providing technologies, services and resources that support an innovative, engaged learning community and enhance student success at SJSU.

Download the complete IT Services Welcome Back presentation for Colleges.

Rooms for Improvement

Note: This article was originally published in a March 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

In support of three goals from the SJSU Strategic Plan: Vision 2017—Agility through Technology, Unbounded Learning, and 21st Century Learning Spaces; the Next Gen Technology Project has delivered five Next Generation Learning Spaces for use for Spring 2013 instruction.

Through a collaborative effort with IT Services, Academic Technology, FD&O, and vendor resources, the project team designed and installed upgrades to existing classrooms to support the instruction that integrates technology components to provide instructors with high definition audio/visual, recording, and communication resources to allow delivery of instructional content. This content can be viewed real-time in the learning space and remotely via WebEx or telepresence video sessions and also recorded for later review via the new SJSU VideoShare System, a campus private YouTube-type system for sharing video content built on Cisco video technology.

The five Next Generation Learning Spaces that were enhanced for Spring 2013 were:

  • Morris Dailey Auditorium: 850 Seat Auditorium
  • Clark 238: 44 Seat Classroom
  • Sweeney Hall 435: 50 Seat Classroom
  • Dwight Bentel Hall 225: 50 Seat Classroom
  • MacQuarrie Hall 526: 20 Seat Classroom
Front of Clark Hall 238 shows new learning space

Front of Clark Hall 238 shows new learning space

Back of Clark Hall 238 shows new learning space

Back of Clark Hall 238 shows new learning space









Plans for enhancement of additional lecture capture learning spaces to be completed during Summer 2013 include:

  • Science 142: 250 Seat Auditorium
  • Washington Square 109: 200 Seat Auditorium
  • Engineering 189: 150 Seat Auditorium
  • Moss Landing Marine Lab 109: 30 Seat Classroom
Rendering of Collaborative Learning Space

Rendering of Collaborative Learning Space

The Next Gen Technology Project is also looking to provide enhancements and deliver 5 additional learning spaces in Summer 2013 that match technology to collaborative learning methods. This teaching style has most of the delivery of instructional content delivered outside of class and focuses class sessions on group interaction with instructor facilitation. A blend of specialized furniture and audio/visual equipment networked in the space can provide for effective collaboration of individual group activities with presentation to the entire class. Selection of the classrooms targeted for these enhancements is underway.

The Clark 118 Training Room is equipped with Next Generation technology and is being used for learning about the enhanced technologies in the Next Generation Learning Spaces. Academic Technology is preparing training materials and workshops to provide instruction on usage of these technologies. We invite you to visit Next Generation Learning Spaces to learn more.

ITS Presents SJSU’s IT Open Forum Series–Updated!

IT Open Forums

Information Technology Services has several Open Forum sessions scheduled over the next year to present campus wide IT project initiatives. These sessions include topics that inform the campus about SJSU IT activities and give users an opportunity to provide input on them. The schedule is listed below and in the SJSU Event Calendar.

ITS Open Forums
Date Time Location
Thurs, Jan 17 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, Mar 21 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, May 16 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, Aug 1 2 pm ENG 285/287
Thurs, Sept 19 cancelled cancelled
Thurs, Nov 21 2 pm ENG 285/287

WebEx Collaboration

Implemented on August 31. Web conferencing including video, audio and computer interactions are available for all faculty and staff to host via the WebEx system.

Unified Communication System

A campus-wide Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system implementation will begin in November.

Wireless Network Expansion

Increased coverage and density of our campus wireless network within campus buildings and Spartan Stadium is currently in progress.

Student Email

Student email is switching to Google Apps Edu on November 13.

Campus Next Generation Network

End-to-end centralized management of all networking resources.

Next Generation Learning Spaces

Enhancing campus classrooms with state-of-the-art audio, visual and lecture capture technology. The first classroom (Clark Hall 118) is completed. More classrooms are planned for Spring 2013.

Enhanced Computing Resources

State-of-the-art integrated server, storage and network technology will enable high performing virtual servers.

Digital Signage

Centralized content management software will integrate the content (text, image and video programming) flowing to digital LCD monitors across campus.