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Unified Communication Devices

Cisco Unified Communication devices include the 9971 Video Phone, 6921 Phone, 7937G Conference Station, and Jabber.

There are multiple options available for voice and video calls using the SJSU Unified Communication system.

While the use of a physical phone is a popular option, there is increasing interest in using Jabber, a “soft-phone” — software that runs on Windows or Mac computers and has mobile apps available in the App Store for Apple devices and in Google Play for Android devices.

For many who don’t spend much time in an office on campus, using Jabber provides the location flexibility of making and answering calls anywhere without the need to have a phone handset. A full review of the feature comparisons of the options is available at Cisco Unified Communication Devices.

If you are interested in changing your communication device, adding Jabber to your workstation, or learning more about using the features of Unified Communications, please contact the IT Help Desk.

IT Help Desk


Unified Communications Deployment

Note: This article was originally published in a November 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

The deployment of Cisco Unified Communications telephones continues, with departments assisting with communication and training. Campus employees will be provided with video phones that can be forwarded to personal mobile devices, as desired, and accessed via Cisco Jabber client software on PCs and Macs. This option enables video calling with software, without requiring your traditional desk telephone. Check out Unified Communication System for more information.

Deployed through October:

Cisco 9971 Video Phone

Cisco 9971 Video Phone

  • Computer Center
  • IT Services in Clark Hall
  • Lucas Business Complex
  • Music
  • Hugh Gillis Hall
  • Central Classroom Building
  • University Police/Human Resources

Schedule for November:

  • Nov 1: Tower Hall
  • Nov 8: Human Resources
  • Nov 22: Washington Square

Unified Communications

Note: This article was originally published in a February 2013 newsletter and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

Members of the San José State campus community should be starting to see the effects of the Next Gen Technology Project in the way we conduct our day-to-day activities. You may have experienced WebEx for meetings and interactive sessions, or Lecture Capture which is enhancing the collaboration and communication with students and instructors in some classrooms.

Another piece of the project is the delivery of enhanced telephone related services called Unified Communications (UC). This is an integration of communications services, combining messaging, telephony, video and associated services in a Voice Over IP (VOIP) platform. UC is not a single product, but rather a set of products that provides a consistent, unified user interface and experience across multiple devices. You can think of this technology as a way to integrate and optimize your current business communication processes.

SJSU has selected Cisco Systems as the Unified Communications vendor so you will see Cisco technology installed over the next several months.

Unified Communications will allow you more ways to communicate and stay in touch with features such as Jabber and Reach Me Anywhere. Jabber enables you to make and receive phone calls using your computer and Reach Me Anywhere lets you answer a call to your desk phone on your cell phone.

We will provide training via workshops and tutorials and we will continue to add training media to the IT Services website for the various Unified Communications products. In the future, ITS will also publish more articles on the various features and applications that are available through the Next Gen Technology Project.