Special Help Desk Hours for Winter Session ’15

Gingerbread PeopleIT Help Desk & CV Computer Lab Special Hours

The IT Help Desk and Campus Village Computer Lab will have special hours for the Winter 2015 Session.

The IT Help Desk provides technical assistance for the campus community by phone or email.

The Campus Village Computer Lab provides technical assistance for the campus community by phone or email, as well as walk-in technical assistance for students.

Download & Post Winter ’15 Calendar

For a calendar of our special Winter Session hours, see:

Contact Us

For technical assistance, please feel free to contact us at 408-924-1530 or ithelpdesk@sjsu.edu.

New AppleCare Technical Support and Training Program

About the AppleCare Program

IT Services is pleased to announce a new service available to those who support Apple products. SJSU has recently joined Apple’s AppleCare Alliance program. AppleCare support plans provide 24/7 enterprise-level incident support for all Apple applications, including:apple

  • OSX Workstation and Server
  • iOS
  • All Apple Consumer Software
    (Final Cut, Compressor, Motion, Logic Pro, Mainstage, Remote Desktop)
  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Apple Configurator

Best of all, this service is available at no-cost to all state, self-fund, and auxiliary departments on campus!

More Information

For additional information, visit SJSU AppleCare OS Support.

Request Technical Support

To request Apple technical support, please contact the IT Help Desk at 408-924-1530 or ithelpdesk@sjsu.edu.

Consolidating IT Help Desks for Improved Support

Merging IT Help Desks

The Housing Help Desk, the ITSS (University) Help Desk, and the CMS Help Desk have been integrated into one central help desk, now known as the IT Help Desk. By merging these 3 help desks, IT Services hopes to make computing help clear and simple to access. In addition, we will provide extended service times and resources to make assistance to the campus community easier to attain.

About the Housing Help Desk

The Housing Help Desk (officially known as Computing Resources and Technical Support) still provides a hands-on computer lab and in-person technical assistance to students in campus housing. It is located in the Campus Village Computer Lab (Building B, 1st floor). Phone calls to 408-795-INFO will be routed to the new IT Help Desk.

About the Academic Technology Computer Center

The ATCC (formerly know as the ITSS Help Desk or the University Help Desk), still provides a hands-on computer lab and in-person technical assistance to students and the campus community. It is located in the Academic Success Center (Clark Hall, 1st floor).

About the New IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk Technician

IT Help Desk Technician

The IT Help Desk is focused on providing the most effective and efficient IT support to all users of our applications, systems and services. Support includes:

  • Account support (ID, password, system access, etc.)
  • Computing support (desktop support, browsers, downloads, etc.)
  • Google app support (SJSU Email, Google Drive, Google Groups, etc.)
  • Finance database support (CFS, FTS, etc.)
  • Internet support (Wired or Wi-Fi)
  • Phone, TV, and/or video support (WebEx, VideoShare, Lecture Capture, etc.)
  • Website support (OU Campus, Blogs, Event Calendar, etc.)

Contact Us

If you need technical assistance, contact us:

IT Help Desk

We are available by phone or email:

7:30 am—4:30 pm
Closed weekends and holidays

Important Note: Phones and emails are answered by fist-level support technicians. If your technical problem is more specialized and/or complicated, you may be referred to a higher level technician.