Single Sign On Experience Expanding

Back in July the login process for MySJSU (PeopleSoft) was upgraded. As we mentioned before, we are now integrating most of the other campus apps (Gmail, Canvas, WebEx, et al) in the same way.

This Friday, January 20, the new login screen for most apps will look like:

Screenshot of new login page

Your logged in status will last approximately four hours, after which you’ll have to put in your SJSUOne ID and password again.

3 thoughts on “Single Sign On Experience Expanding

  1. I love this new technology

  2. gabriella tucker

    i have not been able to get pasted the log in for the past month google keeps saying it cant process the next page

    • Hi Gabby

      I’ve forward your issue on to the IT Help Desk. They will reach out and help you troubleshoot the problem you’re experiencing.