New MySJSU Login Experience

Single Sign-On Experience

“Single Sign-On” means that you can log in a single time to one application and won’t have to type in your SJSUOne ID and password when switching to a new application. Your logged in status will last approximately four hours, after which you’ll have to put in your SJSUOne ID and password again.

This update starts with MySJSU, SpartaJobs, and IPSA and is just the initial step. Over time, additional applications on campus (Google Apps, Canvas, WebEx, et al) will be integrated into the system.

On July 27, the login screen for MySJSU will change to:

Screenshot of new login page

New Look For Site

More frequently used apps and links are now larger and placed higher on the page.

Screenshot of updated page

Past Student Transcripts

Past students who have attended SJSU can access unofficial transcripts using the Alumni Transcripts link. Current students can access unofficial transcripts via MySJSU.

It’s Important To Log Out

Since your logged-in status will carry across from app to app, the Apps Portal site now features a large, red logout button. At the end of the day or when you’re done using a public computer, be sure to click the logout button or close all your browser windows. This ends the Single Sign-On session and will keep other people from accessing your accounts.

Security Reminder: Lock Your Computer

If you leave your desk for any period of time during the day, please lock your workstation (on Windows it’s called “Lock this computer,” on Macs it’s called “Sleep”) so no one has access to any of your open applications.

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