Register Now for Free Online ‘Education On Air’ Conference

google-education-on-airYou are Invited

All San José State faculty, staff, administrators, IT professionals, and anyone else interested in education is invited to register and attend this free online conference sponsored by Google.

Day 1 (Friday, May 8): Leading the future

Short keynotes and panels will discuss how we can prepare our students for a future that is ever-changing.

Day 2 (Saturday, May 9): Shaping the classroom today

Choose from over 90 sessions, with course tracks for 4 groups: teachers, leaders, IT and general interest. Topics will include:

  • Supporting literacy in early learners
  • Successful device deployment
  • Empowering digital citizens

Register Now

For more detailed information and to register, visit Google Education On Air.

4 thoughts on “Register Now for Free Online ‘Education On Air’ Conference

  1. please wanna subscribe

    • Hilalannous, you can subscribe by typing your email address into the “Subscribe by Email” field in the upper-right area of this blog page.

  2. ok than you guys are going to email me when I can attend these lectures?
    or am I already welcome there and when and what time would it be?

    • Hilal,
      Oh, I thought you wanted to subscribe to the blog, but it seems you just want to register for the “Education On Air” event.
      Okay, to register, you need to click on the link in the article, the link that says “Google Education on Air.”