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Google email iconGmail User Contact Lists Corrupted

San José State uses Gmail for our faculty, staff and student email accounts. On February 20, an issue in Gmail temporarily corrupted a subset of users’ contacts. While the original issue was fixed on the same day, those users who received messages from the previously corrupt contacts have since been reporting unexpected behavior with the Gmail auto-complete feature.

About the Gmail Auto-complete Feature

The Gmail auto-complete feature suggests email contacts in a drop-down menu as you type so you don’t have to type out an entire address. Usually, when typing a contact’s name into the Gmail compose box, you’ll see the contact’s name appear at the top of a list of suggested contacts.

What the Bug Looks Like

A technical issue shows up when typing an affected contact’s name into the Gmail compose box. You’ll see the contact’s name appear at the bottom of the auto-complete list (instead of at the top of the list). For those who are used to typing just a few letters and hitting enter when composing a message, the problem might result in your email messages going to the wrong person.

Google appsIssue Status & Updates

We’re unable to provide a feasible workaround at this time, but rest assured our Gmail engineers are diligently working to fix this issue. The root cause of the issue was identified and mitigated. The product team is working now on restoring the order of suggestions the auto-complete feature provides. For updates, we encourage you to visit Google Apps Known Issues.

Please Let Us Know

The Gmail auto-complete bug seems to be affecting only some users. In case you have experienced the auto-complete bug, please let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. The auto-complete in the “To” field is working just fine for me.

  2. nice article..thanks for sharing