WebEx Available to All Students, Faculty and Staff

New WebEx BallFree WebEx Service

WebEx service is available free for all SJSU students, faculty and staff. SJSU WebEx can be used to host online meetings and interactive sessions with individuals inside and outside of San José State. The collaborative meeting service within SJSU WebEx can be used to enhance academic class activity including lecture capture for later review and interaction with remote students and/or guest lecturers.

What can you do with WebEx?

  • Meet and interact with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborate real time by sharing applications, presentations, documents and your PC desktop.
  • Bring together people without travel time and expense.
  • Work with teams from different places all over the world – all that is needed is internet access.
  • View meeting participants in high-quality video.
  • Record meetings for future reference and training.
  • Download the mobile WebEx app and you can start or join a meeting anywhere through your mobile phone!

Getting Started

world mapKeeping Long Distance Free Using WebEx

Did you know that you can use WebEx to make free long distance phone calls? When you use it a specific way, it’s easy to do.

WebEx supports different ways to participate in the audio portion of a meeting or a lecture. Traditional teleconferencing uses phones that dial into a conference bridge, connecting all the callers together. This is a simple, reliable way to run an audio conference, and WebEx provides this service. On the upside, everyone knows how to use a phone; on the downside, SJSU pays for the phone call to use the phone dial-in feature of WebEx. However, if you use the VoIP feature, SJSU does not pay for the call.

Computer internet audio conferencing uses microphones, headsets and speakers connected to your computer. WebEx calls this VoIP, which is an acronym for Voice over Internet Provider. VoIP for WebEx is essentially computer internet audio conferencing. This may be a bit tricky to set up on your computer the first time, but using VoIP time doesn’t cost the university, or you, anything.
More information is below, and if you need help, your department desktop support technicians can assist you with setup.

There are two meeting types in WebEx, VoIP and phone dial in. By picking your meeting type, you can control what kind of audio conferences are available to your participants. The meeting type can be set when you schedule a WebEx meeting.

MC Pro+VoIP meetings offer only computer internet audio conferencing (free). Think of it as using the internet which we’re already paying for. This meeting type is available to employees and students with WebEx host accounts. This is the only meeting type available to student accounts.

WebEx Pro1000 meetings provide both phone dial-in teleconferencing and computer Internet audio conferencing. The phone dial-in teleconferencing meeting type is available to faculty and staff only. Computer Internet audio conferencing is available to faculty, staff and students.

Setting your default in WebEx will help keep your preferred settings, and this function can be found in your WebEx preferences page. Simply go to the WebEx meeting panel and edit your default meeting settings. That way you can be sure that you automatically get the meeting type that you prefer most often.

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