Enhanced Computing Resources Tech Briefing—June 2013

cloudNote: This article was originally published on our website in June 2013 and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.

The Computing Services department within IT Services is building the SJSU Computing Cloud, a private cloud—a computing infrastructure designed so that customers can easily request and operate virtual servers. Built in our Delta College Data Center and SJSU Computer Center, virtual servers are highly available, easy to use, and are safe for sensitive critical data.

Most common applications can be run as virtual servers and Computing Services can help you replace aging physical servers with virtual ones.

If you have servers that must remain physical, then put them in one of our data centers (co-location). Our data centers are professional class, with good physical security for sensitive critical data, fire detection and suppression, battery backup and generator. They are also professionally staffed and with great access to power and networking.

For additional information, visit SJSU Cloud Computing.

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