Enhanced Computing Resources Tech Briefing—January 2013

Note: This article was originally published on our website in January 2013 and is being added to this blog for historical purposes.computer

There has been a significant increase in computing and storage resources needed to support the needs of students, faculty and staff at SJSU. We were able to negotiate a service contract with San Joaquin Delta College that was more cost effective than other commercial alternatives. Delta College in Stockton completed a brand new, state-of-the-art data center in early 2011 with capacity beyond its needs to enable hosting other customers.

Since the contract was executed in September, we have installed a Cisco Unified Computing System with 16 blade servers connected to a NetAPP storage area network with over 300 terabytes of storage. Over 40 Next Gen Technology systems have been deployed in our Delta College Data Center to date, with many more to come.

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