Bringing Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Connectivity to Campus

If you haven’t noticed yet, Wi-Fi service at San José State University has gotten a whole lot better. Since last Fall, IT Services installed about 1,600 new wireless access points in buildings around campus, nearly tripling the number of access points available while also upgrading the switching and cabling backbone of the university’s network. And stay tuned—more improvements are coming this year.

IT Services launched the Wi-Fi upgrade project because last year we heard from students and faculty who had trouble connecting to the wireless network or experienced slow Wi-Fi speeds in some locations. That’s unacceptable for a leading university located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for all users across the campus.

Wi-Fi Upgrade Project

To do the upgrade correctly, IT Services conducted a floor-by-floor survey of every building on campus and evaluated the coverage needs of each area. Heavily used areas, such as King Library and Tower Hall, require more wireless access points than areas with light traffic. We also took into account physical barriers like thick concrete walls and metal structures.

IT Services teams worked between semesters to install the new wireless access points, replace older wireless access points, and upgrade the ‘backend’ system of cables, switches and software needed to manage the growing volume of wireless traffic. Today the upgraded wireless network includes about 2,000 wireless access points—three times more than a year ago—with the capacity to handle 10 times more wireless traffic. SJSU’s network leverages next-generation AC wireless technology to deliver maximum throughput for streaming video to any device.

Agility Through Technology

IT Services continues to expand and modernize Wi-Fi service to help build ’21st Century Spaces’ in line with SJSU’s Strategic Plan: Vision 2017. We plan on installing hundreds more wireless access points by Summer 2014 while continuing to upgrade the network’s backbone to maintain state-of-the-art Wi-Fi security and throughput for users.

Current projects include upgrading coverage and bandwidth in four critical areas:  King Library, Tower Hall, South Campus, and selected outdoor spaces. IT Services remains committed to meeting the Wi-Fi needs of the university today while laying the groundwork to handle the mobility needs of tomorrow.

Stay Secure: Always Use SJSU’s Premier Wi-Fi Service

A reminder that when you connect to Wi-Fi on campus, IT Services strongly recommends using SJSU’s Premier Wi-Fi service, which transmits your data across a secure, encrypted connection and ensures your data will not be compromised. Simply configure your device using SJSU_premier as the wireless network name (not SJSU_campus). For detailed instructions on how to connect securely with Macs and Windows machines, visit Wireless (Wi-Fi) Set Up Guides.

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Did You Know?

  • Each day, more than 26,000 devices connect to SJSU’s Wi-Fi network
  • During a semester, SJSU’s Wi-Fi network will see traffic from more than 100,000 different mobile devices
  • The average campus user has nearly 3 mobile devices
  • 85% of all Internet traffic at SJSU is wireless
  • Duncan Hall alone has about 190 wireless access points

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